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Thank You for Choosing Evans Custom Dog Boxes for your dog's transportation and shelter needs.

All Dog Boxes come standard with:
*Double wall construction - 1 x 2 walls covered with luan inside and out. Inside walls are then covered with grey indoor/outdoor primer.
*7 colors to choose from - Black, White, Red, Blue, Charcoal, Silver, and Maroon. Special order colors available with extra lead time. Call for specific color.
*Mill finish trim with diamond plate accent metal. Diamond plate metal comes standard on front of box surrounding doors, the lid edge and dog compartment sliders.
* Lightweight aluminum doors.
​*Carpeted storage area
***​*New Aluminum Floors****

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Black full storage
Blue full size full storage
White mid size full storage
Red Full size full storage
Silver full storage
Charcoal 3/4 storage
Black Flat top no storage
30x30 Dog House
30 x 30 dog house
New Realtree AP HD pattern
Full size no storage Camo box.
Full diamond plate bottom storage box.
Extended height no storage rigging box.  Can be made to your specs.
Accepting New Dealers Call for Info
Check out our Aluminum Floors
Removes the worries about the plywood floor rotting out over time!!!
Don't want to pay shipping?  Call for a list of Hunts that we will be attending.  Free shipping if picked up at a hunt.